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       Jetton (Hong Kong) Electronics Co., Ltd. is an electronic technology company specializing in integrated circuits of various national brands. It has rich experience in the electronics industry. In the fierce market competition, Jie Chuang is gradually breaking out with its unique management method and high-quality service. With its own set of industry advantages, it has created hundreds of millions of wealth for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. The main brand cooperation channels include: ALTERA, XILINX, MOTOROLA, FREESCALE, TEXAS, INSTRUMENTS, ANALOG, DEVICES, MAXIM, LINEAR , INTEL, BROADCOM ,AMCC, PCM, PHILIPS, SIEMENS INFINEON. Products are widely used in communication, instrument, audio and video display, data acquisition, network, ARM development and other fields, in power system products, program-controlled switches, communication equipment decoders, Has rich experience in tax control equipment, numerical control equipment and industrial control equipment consumer electronics, automotive electronics, power security, and other fields. Especially in large-scale programmable devices (CPLD, FPGA, PROM), high-speed static memory (SRAM) and other types of high-end memory (dual-port RAM, FIFO) and other microcontroller embedded systems have great advantages.

        Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the principles of honesty and trustworthiness and credit first. Provide customers with high quality and low price products. We have an excellent sales force, good purchasing channels and perfect after-sales service for you. At the same time, the company spares a lot of money to provide long-term spot inventory to meet the needs of customers in different periods, and can provide customers with comprehensive technical services, and has established good cooperative relations with many high-tech production enterprises, agents and distributors at home and abroad. With extensive trust and support, Jiechuang (Hong Kong) Electronics Co., Ltd. is now showing itself in a new posture, hoping to conduct extensive exchanges and cooperation with more colleagues in the industry, and contribute to the prosperity and development of the electronics industry.

        All manufacturers and merchants are welcome to come to consult and cooperate together. You will enjoy one-stop complete service of electronic components.

Our Advantage


Competitive and reasonable price, save you cost and get higher profit.

Has a dedicated direct procurement channel to effectively reduce costs.

Find obsolete and shortage ICs around the world for you. A large number of discontinued component products, while covering many industry-leading inventory distributors of non-discontinued components, provide outdated and hard-to-find ICs, especially for some unpopular or out-of-stock ICs.

Professional suppliers and experts to find and solve shortages of electronic components.

Powerful global supply chain system and advanced e-commerce capabilities or out-of-stock IC search.

Fast and accurate delivery, flexible logistics support.

Competitive and reasonable price, save you cost and get higher profit.

Good international reputation and unswerving business philosophy.

Our procurement channel focuses on establishing long-term and stable strategic partnership with original factories, agents and OEMs.

Has international advanced electronic components testing equipment laboratory.

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